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Body comparative #47 (1,2)

A year ago we stayed up till 3 am talking
And today I donโ€™t know how to even say hey.

Wish You Were Here
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here - Played 38,807 times.


Wish You Were Here |ย Pink Floyd

Wes Anderson Masterpost


Yes, yes.

Bottle Rocket (1996)

Rushmore (1998)

The Royal Tenenbaumsย (2001)

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)

The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

Fantastic Mr.Foxย (2009)

Moonrise Kingdomย (2012)

The Grand Budapest Hotelย (2014)


Taking naked pictures of yourself does not make you a bad person. People who share them without your permission are bad people.

If we canโ€™t write diversity into sci-fi, then whatโ€™s the point? You donโ€™t create new worlds to give them all the same limits of the old ones.

Jane Espenson (from interview with\

I dunno how many which ways this needs to be said

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Kelly Mark, ‘Exist’, 2009


Kelly Mark, โ€˜Existโ€™, 2009

You had me at a point where I wouldโ€™ve left the entire world behind for you.
2:03am, I really loved you that much. - hoetion (via perfect)

I’m fine I’m just totally freaking out :+)

I’m fine I’m just totally freaking out :+)


if u ever need something to smile at hereโ€™s my dog in his raincoat